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GCREurodraw builds, among other equipment,  wet wire drawing machines for various applications such as high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, welding wire.

Wet drawing machines are characterized by the lower flexibility and restricted range of products that they can produce compared to dry drawing machines that are designed to produce similar products.

GCREurodraw proposes now a multi motor wet drawing machines that allows to increase the product range and reduce the slip on the capstans. The new TCOM 114 machine is equipped with one initial dry drawing block driven by an independent motor, two pairs of wet drawing cones where each pair in individually driven by an independent motor and a haul off final capstan that has it's own motor as well.

The particular software that has been developed for this machine allows to skip any of the cones, totally or partially so that the machine is capable of producing a wide range of diameters, hence ensuring limited slip on the capstans and high production speed.

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