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Used complete plants

We have unique offer for a used complete hose wire/tyre cord manufacturing plant:

The plant was built by GCR Engineering in 1990 and sold to a Bosnian company.  It was fully installed and commissioned but due to the war in the region that started shortly after completion of the supply, the plant was stopped and never restarted.

The plant was designed to produce brass plated hose wire as an initial step, and then to be converted into a tyre cord plant with the addition of the downstream equipment such as the bunching and stranding machines.

Although the machines are now 27 years old, the plant is in good conditions as the equipment was basically never used, was always covered and kept in a dry place.

The equipment is now for sale and can be a good starting base for starting up a hose wire or a tyre cord plant with a minimal  initial investment.

The available equipment is as follows:

N°1 14-wires patenting and brass plating line composed by:

  • Payoffs for DIN 800 spools
  • Patenting furnace with lead quench by FIB
  • Electrolytic pickling H2SO4
  • Brass plating equipment
  • Joule effect thermo diffusion
  • Take-ups for DIN 800 spools

N°1 MB194 wet drawing machine for medium size brass plated wire and BHWP 255 horizontal spooler

N°10 TB4 wet drawing machines, for fine size brass plated wire with BHWP 255 horizontal spooler

N°1 ST 255 rewinding line

For further information please write to:   sales@gcreurodraw.com

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