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Flux core wire production lines.

Eurodraw has developed and manufactures  a high performance Flux Core Wire production line. Starting from strip and ending directly at the final diameter.

 Our technology is “Non bake” and with the tube formed by overlapping strip.

 The line is composed by the following elements: 

  • Strip payoff
  • Strip washing and drying unit
  • Strip lubricant application ( one side of the strip only)
  • Forming and powder filling unit
  • Closing and compacting
  • Rolling to the final diameter
  • Final skin passing.
  • Spooling.

 The line can achieve the following performances:

  • Powder filling speed up to 120 m/min
  • Final  rolling speed up to 10 m/sec depending on the final wire size and on the powder filling speed and ratio.

 Rolling is performed with specific rolling cassettes that are composed by sequences of rolls in vertical and horizontal position.

 The same line can be used with stainless steel strip, carbon steel strip and to manufacture hard surfacing wire.

 Eurodraw can supply basic technology and formulations for the most common FCW products such.