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We have a new spooler available model BVS1250/2

  • Spool size 1250 mm
  • Wire diameter range: from 14 to 3.00 mm
  • Max speed: 15 m/sec
  • PLC and motors: Siemens
  • Winding mode: cylindrical and conical
  • Synchronization: torque controlled





New pointers available


We currently have in stock N°2 new pointers for large wire, model OC6 with the following specifications:

  • - Material to be pointed: high and low carbon steel wire
  • - Wire diameter range: from 15 mm down to 2.80 mm
  • - Rollers: N°2 pairs, vertical and horizontal axis
  • - AC motor : 5.50 kW
  • - Weight: 1050 Kg
  • - Voltage 400 or 460 V - 50/60 Hz - 3 phase

This very sturdy machine is suitable to point HIGH CARBON wire rod and intermediate wires sizes. It can be mounted on a trolley or can be fixed to the ground.

Machines are in stock ready for shipment.



Wire rod descaler - double abrasive belt type

GRM 800-2 - Wire rod abrasive band grinding unit.    SOLD!

The unit is designed to process wire from 5,50 up to 16.0 mm at a maximum speed of 120 m/min. It is composed of two rotary heads equipped with sandpaper band. The speed of rotation of each head, the speed of each sandpaper belt are all adjustable individually. The belt runs on two rollers that can be slightly inclined when running in order to align perfectly the belts. The unit is equipped with cooling fans and with suction ports to be connected to a dust suction unit.

This machine is brand new. 18 month warranty. 

CO2 wire rewinding line

BSS300 CO2 rewinding line

We have one complete semi automatic rewinding line for CO2 and FCW welding wire. The line is composed by a motorized payoff that can take spools up to 900 mm in diameter, a sensor arm and a lay by lay spooler with automated system to make the first layer of wire on the spool.

Maximum speed 30 m/sec

Ready to be shipped. Very interesting price.

Dry drawing line for the production of Flux Cored Wire

We have available a dry drawing line designed for the production of FLUX CORED WIRE and with the following specifications:

  • - Machine model : MTSR 400/8
  • - Maximum inlet : 4.00 mm
  • - Minimum outlet: 1.0 mm
  • - Motors , PLC and drives: Siemens
  • - Equipped with DEM micro rolling cassettes type 2+2+2+2
  • - Equipped with rotary dies on last two blocks
  • - Maximum speed 12 m/sec
  • - Dustproof guards
  • - Spooler suitable for 800 mm spools
  • - Spool payoff suitable for 800 mm spools
  • - Very interesting price.