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Eurodraw has designed a high performance line to cut stick electrodes at very high speed.

The machine can be in line with a wire drawing line or can be used stand alone and fed from a spool payoff.

The stick electrode cutting machine is composed of three main elements:

  • - the wire washing unit.
  • - the pinch roll, straightening and cutting unit.
  • - the rotocell that collects the sticks and drops them into the box.

Wire washing unit:

this unit is composed of a heated tank equipped with a pump. The tank is divided in thee sections in order to allow the water to sediment and avoid excessive circulation of the lubricant removed. The pumps feeds a tube located over the tank in which the wire travels. The tube contains wire brushes and nozzles that spray the water on the wire and on the brushes to remove the soap. The water is then collected back into the tank. At the exit of the tune a particular air dryer removes the water residuals.

Pinch roll, straightening and cutting unit.

Once  the wire is washed, it is pulled by the pinch roll into the straightening and cutting machine. The pinch roll is composed of 4+4wheels. The upper wheels are motorized with a single motor and a transmission with toothed belts. The pinch roller is followed by a long straightening unit that ensures perfect straighteness of the wire. The unit has the last rollers that are finely adjustable. 

Once straight the wire is directed into the cutting wheel. This wheel is equipped with an independent motor that is sinchronized with the motor of the pinch wheel. This allows to cut any stick length without the need to change the cutting head and ensures a perfect precision and straightness of the cut.


The rotocell is the most critical part of the stick electrode cutting machine as its role is to collect the sticks and stop them in a controlled manner and within  a very short space. The rotocell is composed of an ejector and the rotocell itself. The ejector basically catches the sticks after beeing cut and pulls them into the rotocell.

The rotocell is equipped with automatic rotation direction change in case of tangles and also with jam detector.