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Quality Policy 2024

The board of directors of Eurodraw Wire Equipment considers that the quality of the equipment to propose on the national and international market is absolutely strategic for the success of our company and for our reputation and appoints an internal resource with experience to be responsable for the management of the quality policies.

Every employee of our organization is committed to ensure that every action taken is customer oriented and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The principle of company continuity must be inspiring every employee to commit to continuous improvement which is the driving objective of our organization in order to satisfy the changing requirements of the industry, of our customers which can allow us to be always one step ahead.

For the year 2024, the board has indicated the following specific objectives:

- continue the consolidation of our 3d design systems in order to make them more effective and efficient.

- simplify the documentation of our quality systems in order to optimize the quality inspection procedures and make them more effective.

- consolidate the company business with respect to quality and customer satisfaction.

- maintain and consolidate our UNI EN ISO 9001.2015 certification which is seen as a proof and confirmation of the quality policies implemented.

- pursue specific targets for quality improvement.

- add and train new emplyees within the technical office and workshop

- propose specific actions to reduce risks and increase opportunities for the company.

- analyze the individual risks using risk management techniques.

- illustrate to all concerned parties the company orientations.

- verify within our organization what are the internal and external factors that may have an influence on our organization.

- the management review will periodically indicate specific company targets to the national and international development of the company.

The board of directors will reserve the maximum attention on the efforts made for achievement of the above objectives.

                                                                      The President of the board, 

                                                                             Paolo Facchinelli