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In a hot dip galvanizing line, the wipe system is essential to achieve the correct coating weight and also to control the costs of the process.  

Eurodraw Wire Equipment designs and manufactures  advanced PAD WIPE SYSTEMS as well as HIGHLY EFFICIENT NITROGEN WIPE SYSTEMS that can be retrofitted to either existing lines or that can be installed on new lines.

The PAD wipe system is generally used for lower coating weights  below 90 g/sqm while the N2 wipe system is used to produce wire with coating weights that exceed 120 g/sqm.

Our PAD wipe system is designed to allow easy pad change and is equipped with a unique cooling system that can be easily removed when changing pads and does not drip water into the zinc.

The NITROGEN wipe system is designed to minimize the usage of N2 . The nozzle design allows to blow N2 all around the wire so that the concentricity of the coating is constant. The system can be implemented with a Eurodraw Wire Equipment exclusive Zinc weight monitoring system that works with a laser wire diameter gauge that will measure exactly the coating weight and adjust the N2 flow in real time.