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Our latest models of tubular stranders are equipped with a unique computer controlled brake system. This system ensures that the wire tension at the cabling die is constant for all wires.

On tubular stranders the wire tension is greatly affected by the position of the spool inside the strander due to the friction of the wire has against the various guides. The further the spool position is from the cabling die, higher will be the wire tension with identical adjustment of the brake.

This means that the adjustment of the brake of each spool is quite tricky and different for every spool and different for every operational speed.

The Eurodraw  Wire Equipment  adjustment system solves all this and automatically adjusts the brake of each spool according to the tension setting imposed for each wire. This makes the adjustment of the brake at every spool very simple and done only through the keyboard on the operator panel.

Once the initial setting is done, the computer will automatically adjust the tension of each wire to comply with the imposed settings.



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