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Have a problem with zinc coating and setup of your N2 wipe system? Try the laser type zinc coating monitoring system.

What is that? 

N2 wipe system coat weight control has always been a problem as the inductive systems are not precise and can give only an idea on the variation of the coating but cannot give a value of the actual zinc coat weight applied to the wire. With the laser control system this is possible in real time.

The system includes TWO laser gauges that ready each wire, however each  laser unit can process several parallel wires at the same time so there is no need of 80 lasers for a 40 wire line, but only 16 units are necessary.

The first laser reads the uncoated wire diameter, the second one  reads the coated wire diameter. We know therefore how much zinc is on the wire. The system controls the flow of N2 and adjusts the valve to obtain the required coating weight that is translated into a wire diameter to be obtained. A special algorithm developped by our team of engineers makes sure that there are no variation in time and that the flow is slowly adjusted in order to avoid sudden variations of wire diameter/coating weight.

The system has a proven accuracy of +/- 14 g/m2 which can ensure huge savings and a quick payback of the investment.

EASE to use: type in the coat weight you want and the computer will read the incoming wire diameter and tell you what is the wire diameter you need to obtain that corresponds to the coating weight requested, it will subsequently adjust automatically the N2 flow corresponding to the wire in usage. Nothing more.


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