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Mono Wire Electro Galvanizing lines

Eurodraw  Wire Equipment is a manufacturer of various types of plating lines. Electro galvanizing, coppering, bronze, brass plating lines are among the various lines that are in our production program. We can supply high speed mono wire electro plating lines as well as multi wire plating lines, according to our customer requirements.

For the electro galvanizing lines, we can supply the soluble anode technology as well as the innovative insoluble anodes technology that has quite a few advantages in terms of operational costs and process control.

We have developped high speed monowire electro galvanizing lines that are sufficiently fast to be combined with a wire drawing machine. This allows the production of galvanized wire with coatings weights ranging from 20 to 45 g/sqm at a production cost which is a fraction of the production cost of a multi wire hot dip galvanizing line and with very limited space requirements.

These lines can produce finished galvanized wire in one step starting from wire rod at speeds over 15 m/sec.

For further information please send your questions or inquiries at : sales@gcreurodraw.com


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