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GCREurodraw builds a full range of multi wire line Payoffs and Take-Ups for coils and spools. Coil to coil, spool to spool, spool to coil are all possible options.

One very popular model is the MSV static take-up designed to wind in coils annealed and/or galvanized steel wire. This model is available in 5 different sizes with capstan diameter of  450/560/610/660/750 mm. A particular model is equipped with two V grooved capstans of different size to cover a wider range of diameters.

The wire is collected in pattern laid coils on a carrier that is placed on a rotating and movable trolley. In order to ease the trolley removal from under the coiler, it can be motorized either through a pneumatic cylinder or a small gear-motor. The rotation speed is infinitely variable so that the pattern laying can be set very precisely in order to obtain a nicely wound package.

When carrier change over is required, the wire can be accumulated on the accumulation arms. These can be either pneumatically operated or manually operated. In the first case, the accumulation can be started automatically when the required wire length is reached.

Please visit our payoff and take-up page on this web site for further information.


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