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GCR Eurodraw has designed a system to automate the threading of the double capstans on PC wire and PC strand lines. The system allows theading of the line in a very quick and safe way. In case of wire breaks or when changing diameter of wire, the system allows to rethread the line in a matter of just a few minutes and with a single operator. The unit consists of a motorized trolley equipped with a clamp. The trolley runs on a track that has the shape of the two capstans. The trolley moves around the track several times laying the wire into the capstan grooves. Once all groves are full, the trolley stops and the operator can take the wire to the pinch rolls or the spooler.

This system can be fitted on all new lines and on existing lines of any manufacturer.

Please see the video of this system clicking on the following link. PC wire line. 

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